Person-centred approaches

We believe each person is a unique individual with valuable gifts and strengths. We focus on people's strengths, hopes, wishes and goals.


It is our privilege to serve and support people to learn ways to manage challenges, make choices and decisions for themselves, and develop skills to achieve their goals.The services we provide are driven by the participants' points of view and tailor-made to meet their support needs.


These approaches also apply to our valued team members. We are cohesive and support each other to grow professionally.

Our Team 

We are a team of counsellors, mental health recovery workers, agedcare and disability support workers. We have good knowledge, skills and rich experience in working with people with a disability including psycho-social disability. 


We are passionate about our vision, mission and values in serving people and communities. Our biggest strength is our cultural diversity and multilingual team. We believe that diversity enriches our lives and assists us in re-framing our perspectives and find our way out from the many complexities in life.