Personal Domestic Assistance

Weekday (9am to 5pm) -  $51.09/hour


House Cleaning And Other Household Activities 

Weekday (9am to 5pm) - $50.20/hour

House and Yard Maintenance 

Weekday (9am to 5pm) -$49.30/hour


Assistance with social and

community participation

 Standard including transport - TTP

Weekday (6am to 8pm) - $57.56/hour

Weekday evening (8pm to 12am) - $63.369/hour

Saturday - $80.75/hour

Sunday - $103.94/hour

Public Holiday - $127.14/hour

Mileage - 85 cents/km

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Quote required

Medium Term Accommodation(MTA)


This is accommodation costs. The support component is claimed separately at the relevant time of day and day of week. 

Individualised Living Options(ILO)

Quote required. 

Assistance with Self-Care Activities 

Standard - TTP

Weekday (6am to 8pm) - $57.56/hour

Weekday night (8pm to 12am) - $64.52/hour

Saturday - $80.75/hour

Sunday - $103.94/hour

Public Holiday - $127.14/hour

Sleepover- non active - $231.06/night

Support Coordination Level 2

Weekday (9am to 5pm) - $100.14/hour

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

(8am to 6pm)

Weekday - $80.90/hour

Saturday - $90.68/hour

Sunday - $146.08

Public Holiday - $176.68


Supports in Employment

Weekday Daytime - $54.30/hour

Weekday Evening -$59.77/hour

Saturday - $76.18/hour

Sunday - $98.06/hour 

Public Holiday - $119.94/hour

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